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Krispy Kreme 300 Challange

posted Apr 20, 2015, 6:07 PM by Cub Scout


Are you ready to sell some donuts to help benefit pack 271!!???  Our goal this year is 300 dozen!! Once we hit 300 dozen, we get free donut delivery to Brookhill so we don’t have to drive to Rockville to pick up! This seems like a lot of donuts, however, that comes out to only 8 dozen per scout!


All donuts will be available for pick up May 21 in the afternoon/evening. Specific times to be announced. It is your responsibility to pick up your orders and deliver to your customers.


See attached forms. We are selling the original glazed for $8/dozen. And special variety dozens (chocolate iced, lemon filled, raspberry filled, or kreme filled)- $9/dozen. Coffee is $9/bag.


A few items about selling Krispy Kreme…


1.       Scouts are NOT allowed to go door to door and wear their scout Class A uniform. If you have neighbors you are friends or acquaintances with, wear your Class B t shirt and go with a parent.


2.       Parents can take order forms to work if OK with their employer.


3.       Scouts can ask their teachers for orders.


4.       Don’t forget to ask family members and friends in the area.


5.       I hear the glazed donuts freeze well in an airtight container for enjoyment later, J


6.       All checks or cash must be submitted with order no later than May 15 to Stephanie Fletcher. Checks should be made payable to Pack 271.


7.       Delivery is May 21 which is the weekend before Memorial Day. Travelling to see family?  Ask them for an order and take with you!


8.       If people ask, we  are selling donuts to help pay for our monthly awards!


9.       If people would rather make a donation than order donuts, we can accept. Please don’t ask people for donations, let them offer. Keep track how much donations you have received when you turn in your money/order.


10.   Last but not least, the Top 3 selling scouts will receive a Wal Mart gift card. Card amounts to be announced at the end of the selling period.



Thank you for your participation!!  These extra fundraisers help our pack grow and continue to allow us to do extra special things such as…paying for scouts for camping and Blue and Gold, supplying scout rank handbooks, supplying neckerchief and slides during bridging ceremonies, and paying for many, many awards the scouts receive, including awards from day camp, religious awards, and personal achievements!


Please email me with any questions!


Happy Selling!

Cub Scout,
Apr 20, 2015, 6:07 PM